Blue Öyster Cult with Gary Hoey

at The Cabot Theatre

By Maia Kennedy

“If my calculations are correct, when this baby hits eighty-eight miles per hour, you're gonna see some serious shit!”

When I got to the Cabot Theatre for the Blue Öyster Cult show, I felt like I had traveled back in time! Everyone there was wearing a tshirt from previous decades: of course there were a lot of Blue Oyster Cult tshirts, but plenty of Scorpions, Black Sabbath, Journey, and Rush were also seen in the crowd. Prize for the perfect one went to the shirt with MÖRE CÖWBELL emblazoned in big letters across the front!

BÖC did not disappoint their fans. They started off strong and rocked all night! The audience was not unruly, but there was plenty of excitement; numerous air-drumming incidents were witnessed. The crowd went wild for “I’m Burning For You,” which brought smiles to many onstage. You knew there was a lot of love for this band after Eric Bloom said “Let’s Go Mets” and “Let’s Go Giants” and the audience let him get away unscathed!

The guys from Blue Öyster Cult put on a great show; they chatted with the audience in between songs ands played all the favorites. Some were content to sit back and absorb the music, others were in the aisles dancing, but everyone was having fun.

Gary Hoey started the evening’s performance. He is a gentleman on stage and off. He breaks the barrier between performer and audience, bringing his guitar to the very edge of the stage and performing as close to his fans as possible. Continuing to show his gentle side, he thanked his friends and family for showing up, then grabbed his guitar and played the blues with feeling. He is as entertaining to watch as he is to listen to: his hands move so quickly up and down the guitar! He joked about developing his skills with his first band, a bunch of childhood friends who were actually in the audience that night. He played the 48 string tennis racket, one guy played soup spoons on pillows, and another played the broomstick for a stand up bass.

Hoey played a great selection of tunes, a number of them from his latest album, Deja Blues, including my favorite, “Boss You Around.”

M.E. Production brought us a fantastic show! While so many of the smaller clubs and venues are closing, it is nice that others are trying to keep them going! The Cabot Theatre, a grand playhouse built in the 20’s, used to house Le Grand David Magic Company as well as many other vaudeville acts. Keeping these old theatre alive is so important: they are a foundation in our arts communities. To help with the renovation, The Cabot is running a Buy a Seat drive. For your donation, you will get free popcorn and fountain drinks for a year, plus a plaque with your name or quote on the new seat. I expect there will be many great shows in this venue’s future!

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Blue Öyster Cult setlist

The Red & the Black

Golden Age of Leather

Burnin' for You

Career of Evil

Harvest Moon

The Vigil

ME 262

Buck's Boogie

Then Came the Last Days of May

Godzilla Guitar Solo (Buck Dharma)

(Don't Fear) The Reaper


Hot Rails to Hell (Richie Castellano on lead vocals)

Cities on Flame With Rock and Roll

Full-size photos, click here.

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