Concord Residents Support Ukraine

Solidarity with Ukraine

Simon Cataldo (Candidate for State Rep. of the 14th Middlesex District)

Monument Square, Concord, Massachusetts


We’ve convened here on Monument Square in solidarity with the people of Ukraine. We stand solemnly but firmly in SUPPORT of the Ukrainian people's right of self-determination we stand against autocrats and bullies who would take that right away.

We stand for sovereignty and against the premeditated, unprovoked and unjustified invasion of a sovereign nation.

We stand for truth and reason, and against violence that is based on pretext and outright lies, such as the alleged need to denazify a  country whose democratically elected leader is Jewish and the son of holocaust survivors.

We gather here to support the mothers, the fathers, the children, the grandparents and great grandparents of Ukraine; those who are fighting and those who are fleeing; those who have survived thus far, and those who WILL not. We stand here in solidarity with our neighbors, our fellow countrymen, and people around the world who have roots or family in Ukraine.

In all of these sentiments we are joined by people around the world who have convened for vigils like this one. We stand in this manner with these thoughts on hallowed ground; not far from the Old North Bridge and the place where the shots heard round the world were fired. We’re reminded – and we hope others are reminded – of the possible consequences FOR those who seek to swiftly conquer a people whose minds and hearts are set on democracy and independence.

Photos available here.

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